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Life House Berkshires, Through My Eyes: Alice Yamagishi

Life House Berkshires, Through My Eyes: Alice Yamagishi

A visual diary of a stay at Life House Berkshires, from the point of view of a New York City based writer and model.


The first thing I notice is how beautifully the white building sits in front of the landscape of fresh snowfall. After driving through roads lined with a cascade of snow-covered trees, I enter a stillness that slows time down, bringing a sense of calm that I’m pleased to experience before even entering the space. Icicles line the edges of the roof. I see a warm glow coming from inside, drawing my partner and I in as a retreat from the cold, winter air.


The walls are lined with books and writing memorabilia. Jazz plays as a couple is huddled in the corner in quiet conversation. The air smells floral and earthy, like a blend of flowers and firewood. The space makes me feel like I’m a guest in someone’s home, inspiring a comforting sense of peace and ease.


The same amber light filling the main hotel building peeks through the windows of the rooms I pass, and emerges from mine when I open the door. The warm tones and varied textures add character, blended in a way that feels nourishing and harmonious. I’m impressed with the elevated, in-room snack and drink options. I see some of my favorites including Ghia spritz and Tate’s cookies, plus some local wines and ciders. The TV has a meditation channel, which aligns well with the relaxing nature of the whole space. I appreciate the attention to detail, fulfilling needs I didn’t even consider.


The Club Room in the evening feels like a great space to enjoy a drink over intimate conversation, or spend some time alone to read and write. The various charcuterie boards and drinks on the menu are hard to choose from. I appreciate that the menu lists where the ingredients are sourced, placing an emphasis on quality and seasonality. I order the ‘Striving For Pear-fection’ cocktail, which is deliciously balanced and aromatic; with vodka, pear, rosemary, lemon, and soda.

Warming, orange lights emphasize the coziness of the space, creating a beautiful contrast from the frosty trees visible through the windows. I couldn’t imagine a more perfect time to be here.


The next day, we visit MASS MoCA in the afternoon to enjoy some contemporary art while nearby. The easy drive gives us a chance to experience more of the picturesque, wintry scenery. I resonate with James Turrell’s exhibition and his meditations on light as a spiritual experience, which has become a defining aspect of my time at the hotel.


Light from the lamps and music from one of the streamable Life Sounds playlists fill the corners of the room as I lay in bed reading and writing. The environment lends itself to deeper presence and a desire to go inwards. Simplicity done right creates space to embrace quietude, allowing me to notice just how much this moment has to offer.


Before checking out, we drink tea and share overnight oats and berries while skimming through the books in the room and playing chess. Being here has reminded me how to be truly present, and has inspired me to embrace slowing down to invite deeper clarity.

See Alice on Instagram at @aliceyamagishi.

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